Sunday, September 21, 2008

and the winner is......

Here is Caleb with his winning Pinewood Derby car. He was pretty excited to have his pencil car win. Andy was just happy it made it since before the race even started one of the wheels came off. I guess a little praying and some super glue saved it!
Malia just found out that she won as the student body secretary. She is pretty excited about it.
Then there is Marcus with his award winning "Lego glasses". We have more Lego creations around this house we can hardly talk about it!


Becky Johnson said...

Holy guys always go above and beyond...did anyone else even stand a chance at the pine wood derby? Hey, bout helping out Greg..I'm afraid it's going to be a block on some wheels!! I swear Dallin could fit into your family with that blonde hair and blue eyes!!

What to go Malia!!! Did I ever mention that I ran for student body every year and never won????

love the lego glasses..I'm not surprised coming out of the Horton much fun!!!

LauraLee said...

Congrats to everyone! That is great.