Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Knee - Deep!

Well we are knee deep in soccer season. With three kids playing right now it's been pretty busy. Malia is still on her competition team and is playing great. She has killer practices (2 per week) and two games per week which is keeping her to speak! She loves the sport and I really like the coach and team she is on. Caleb loves soccer season - there is just no other way to say it! Andy is his coach -- which he also loves -- and they are doing great. Marcus on the other hand is sort of plugging through the season. Last year he had a great team with all his little school friends but this year he is on a team with a bunch of random kids that don't even go to his school. He also doesn't love the sport because it "makes his legs too tired". So he will just finish out the season and we will talk about next year.

Needless to say this is our life right now but I love it. I love watching them play -- well unless it's 20 degrees and snowing!


Petrea said...

Thanks for sharing and letting us see a bit of your children--they are getting so grown up!

Emily said...

Enjoy your trip in St. George - especially having a break from all the soccer games ;)